2017 - Mobile Library & Birthday Offering Grant

Book Mobile Project: It became critical to the ongoing work with teachers and students a that we own a new reliable vehicle. One that can handle the rough terrain, sharp turns, steep hills, and the rainy season in Malawi. A land Cruiser was selected after a lot of research and speaking with organizations currently in Malawi.

This $50,000.00 fundraising project kept our team very busy this fall and winter. Having raised the funds required to purchase a new Land Cruiser complete with a three-year warranty care package we move on to planning for this vehicle.

Many thanks to all who have contributed!

A team of four will travel to Malawi in late June to receive this vehicle in grand Malawian ceremony. This team will set up proper protocol for this vehicles use, train Sam Chirwa, the Field Director, and make the maiden voyage to the six schools currently within the M.E.L.T. program. A visit to each school will mean delivering early literacy materials, meeting with teachers, chiefs and headsmen.

The travelers ( Heather White, Carol Stevens, Andy Burns, and Patricia Constable) will be working with government officials as we update them on our "team progress", and collecting material for future readers including 1000's of photographs. Andy Burns will be documenting the entire project on a GoPro recently purchased with M.E.L.T. funds. We will produce an informative video for future speaking engagements upon our return.

Grants and Sponsors: M.E.L.T. will move forward in preparing an application for a possible grant with Presbyterian Women Birthday Offering in May. This grant would assist in designing and publishing readers and other early literacy materials. It would also cover shipping these materials followed by three years of continued teacher training in the multiple uses of the materials.

Sponsors are being approached who may have an interest in covering print and/or shipping costs for an early reader. Those who sponsor may have a dedication page within that reader.

Speaking Engagements: A representative from M.E.L.T. would be an excellent option for your community group, church, or family. We have a Powerpoint and published materials we can share at such a meeting.

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  • Heather White
  • Carol Stevens
  • Patricia Constable
  • Andy Burns