A Buck A Book

We're proud to announce a grant from Rotary International that allows us to publish 10 new early-reader MELT titles. Now we're raising funds that will allow us to get these books to Malawi.

See a list of the titles below, as well as a list of the specific Rotary Clubs that helped make the publishing of these new titles possible. Use the donation page in the link below to help us get these titles to Malawi, or send a check payable to Watertown First Presbyterian Church with memo line "MELT" to Watertown First Presbyterian Church, 403 Washington Street, Watertown, NY. Update 7/2019: Book shipping donation page closed, use the bottom link to make a donation or to become a member.

The Malawi Early Literacy Team board members, teachers and students would like to thank Rotary International for their support of our literacy goals. We would like to acknowledge the following Rotary International Clubs from District 7040: Watertown Sunrise Rotary Club, Watertown Noon Rotary Club, Watertown Evening Rotary Club, and Clayton Rotary Club; as well as the Mzuzu Noon Rotary Club from District 9210 for their sponsorship of ten M.E.L.T. titles in 2019.

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