July Statement - Re-build, Re-Print

On behalf of the Malawi Early Literacy Team (M.E.L.T.) Board of Directors, I have difficult news. On July 4th, the Central M.E.L.T. library went under attack by demonstrators. The building remains standing, but the library is a complete loss. We were victim of a political protest aimed at the building's owner, Grace Chiumia. M.E.L.T. was not the target. Organized and peaceful demonstrations have been occurring since the presidential election on May 21st. We are thankful our employees and volunteers are safe.

It might help to clarify not only our losses, but more importantly what remains.

Our losses include:

Our focus is on what remains to work with:

We appreciate your patience as we work with our teams here and in Malawi to re-build our library. M.E.L.T. will not allow the acts of a few to stop our good work for 20 schools, over 40 teachers and a circulation of 40,000 books annually.

M.E.L.T. has built so much since 2015 and we will continue on this journey to literacy.

Use the donation page in the link below to help us rebuild and reprint, or send a check payable to Watertown First Presbyterian Church with memo line "MELT rebuild" to Watertown First Presbyterian Church, 403 Washington Street, Watertown, NY.

Help us Re-Build, Re-Print