2021: The Year of H.O.P.E.

H.ere in the U.S., the Malawi Early Literacy Team remains busy. Thanks to a grant initiated by Watertown Sunrise Rotary and supported by Watertown Noon & Evening Rotary, Clayton Rotary, and Mzuzu Rotary, two new books will be published! 500 copies each of Animals Around Us and I Can! In Malawi, this grant allows all interior furnishings to be built for the M.E.L.T. Central Library. Additionally, we're publishing the titles My Clothes and Lovemore's Day this year! Four new titles to the growing M.E.L.T. list of publications: 21 total titles!

O.pening the newly constructed M.E.L.T. Central Library was nothing short of a miracle! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all who donated to this Capital Campaign. Know that you are helping many children to hold their first book! This is the first library of its kind in the Northern Region of Malawi!

P. Our Pride in our teachers in Malawi continues as we learn of their good work through our Director, the Honorable Sam Chirwa. Most recently, the teachers themselves held a small workshop in the library to address immediate needs and to assist each other with any questions regarding MELT literacy materials.

E.veryone benefits from the work M.E.L.T. continues to do in Malawi. Helping teachers to have access to basic books, materials, and training builds strong communities. Strong communities that raise young adults that can read, make their own good decisions, strive to have healthy communities, and can take care of their needs and those of their families.

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